Festival of Happiness


Diwali is a one of the best celebration of India. Today day is very special for Indian culture. It is a festival of lights. In Indian culture ,its very  famous celebration.The  Different kind of people collects and celebrate this festival. The meaning of this celebration true always wins.Today King of Ayodhya Rama come back to home.Peoples are very happy with it and they celebrate it with burn of lamps.People celebrate it with happiness.Every celebration have own value but Diwali is most bigfestival all are clean their house complete before coming this celebration.


Different kind of peoples give sweet to each other give hug.Its also known as deepawali and its celebrated in autum every year.This festival tell us victory of truth no one cane ignore this festival.Before Diwali we celebrate Dasahera when Rama fight with Ravan and win after wining come back to home after fourteen year.This festival is coming between October and November.Before the coming thiscelebration people clean home completely.In night worship of Laxmi pooja.One more story today Durga maa finish a evil Varakha sur.


Diwali is very good and clean celebration ,but some people tries  to destroyed it .Reason they smoke and drinking this day which is very bad manner.After drinking they quarrels and very bad abusing which is not correct,they never do this because its very happiness festival so keep smiling this day.
Its is   a famous day for Hindhu but also for Punjabi.Because this day Sikha preceptor release from jail.In Amritsar this festival celebrates with very happiness.Today all kind and category people celebrate it.Diwali night completely black then people burn lamp and its look like stars are coming on the earth.Its also shopping marks we buy new clothes and sweet for friends.

This celebration start with Dhanteras and its finish with Bhau beej celebration of brother sister.In Jain Religion also enjoy mokhsha.In this day buying gits and dry fruit and give to the family member.In diwali night pray laxami pooja all members collect and wishing god for happiness and piece in the home.


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