Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Relesed from Jail


Jayalalithaa is a famous celebrity of our Indians.She was a famous actress at a time of India and famous actress of Tamil cinema.She was born in 24 Febuary 1948 in Tamil.she was second chief minister in Tamil.People called her Amma.In India culture second woman chief minister.She work in politics 1991-1196.People love her very much.She is also work as a Hindi Actress at a time.She entered in cinema 2001 to 2001 and done many films for industry.She was a popular celebrity In cinema.Jayalalithaa was a big declares a claim by MG Ramachandaran was member of Rajyasabha.After the death of MG Ramachandaran Jayalalithaa prove her self innocent.When Jayalaithaa was two year old Her father leave the world.Then her mother going In Bangalore with Jayalalithaa. Jayalithaa complete her education in Scared heard matriculation school which was situated in Chennai.

She are very possessive in her childhood.She known mostly languages include English,Tamil,Hindi,Malayalam,Telugu.Her mother ask for join industry when she was just 15 year old.Then she work on a English film Epitle take assurance from producer In 1961.The coming year she make her name in Tamil industry.She was praise with national award in 1972.Slowly get big success in industry.She deal many films with famous actress of Tamil.Duration of 1960 to 1970 very successful or her in industry.During the 1991 she following Rajiv Gandhi association before Elections.

The congress association give help for Victory in elections.She was first chief minister of Tamil Naydu before Jayalalithaa Indra Gandhi was first lady prime minister of India.Its very proud feel for Indian culture.In 1996 she deal a with problem in election.Very peoples are against her this time very bad for her.In 2001 she was completely disappoint with the claims on her was fill by peoples.She is not Very Unhappy with all this.In 2001 she feel relax when court declare him innocent.In 27 september high court punish him and fined her 100 crore and declare 4 year punishment for her.Her political duration is sucessful only 1996 duration is timing luck bad foe her.Now Indian 17 0cotober 2104 supreme court bail to Jayalalithaa.


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