The history of astrology


Astrology means how your day is going according to your planets,Many people can be find who believe in astrology.Many times it’s happening you are density play many tricks with you.In astrology,you can find ideas about your day some time it’s happening you believe not but it’s happening.

In astrology you know about your day some time you read the newspaper and read about your day.Some day its reality with you. Sometime you don’t believe in destiny. Your Nakshtra meet you new people your contact with new people.

Nakshtras if you choose a queen card that’s means your day is special,but if sudden joker is select that’s means something bad happening with you.Sometime you notice Your negotiator can be true, according to the cards.Justice is can be named as a Hindi astrology,Indian or this time knows as Verdict astrology.It some rules of Vedhic and nine planned all these planets change position time to time.Your depending position of positions of planets.


In Hindu astrology people believe in it very much.All good work is done according to Nakshtras.The exact meaning it graham now it’s named planet originally know as Hindu astrology many subsystems for inspiration.

According to Hindu astrology when new baby born name according to the positions of is decided according to date,month,year and many more.many calculators in astrology for knowing about Nakshtras.only only birth time many times like marriage decisions,business,traveling according to Nakshtras and many people believe that’s its true.

astro 2The alphabets of international of Sanskrit translation according to birth include Aries,Taurus,Gemini,cancer,Leo,Virgo,Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.All these are Rashi,which decides according to the birth of a baby.In marriage time astrology is very main match the Nakshtras boy and girl then decide for their coming life.Date of marriage is decided according to condition of the Planet.

People are in India believing all this, it’s a tradition of India.Today people believe in all this.In India 65% percentage people believe in astrology.Some people are not believe in all this but mostly people people.Many calculator for astrology to know about your day.Daily newspaper and internet information provide about your day is good or bad.Do you know its true some time.I believe in astrology and its happening with me.


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