Jammu kashmir Before destroyed


We all know about the Jammu and Kashmir face with a big problem of condition.Many help lines are government give support to the troubling people.last time Uttarakhand face this condition.Jammu and Kashmir is very beauty palace of India.people praise it very much its very beauty palace.government give support of team member of Jammu

Kashmir.a time when Muslim and Indian quarrel for it but now beauty finish of India.The border of Indian army are situated in the Jammu Kashmir.Jammu Kashmir very Attractive palace for visiting.Many holy palace are situated in the Jammu Kashmir are finished.People collect money for people’s who are in trouble conditions.One flood condition change all beauty of palace.



Sudden coming flood change the life of all people.Many peoples are die and some are very bad conditions.Goverment hlp for those peoples.I do not whats is happening in India last time Uttarakhand is destroy.World is finish day by day.I feel very sad for people who are living in Jammu Kashmir.Peoples are helping for it they sent many material.Star plus authority announce and display news for helping center.last hadhar film of shahid Kapoor and Shradha Kapoor in this palace .When Shahid kaopor coming shoe of Amitabh Bachan here discuss about the destroy conditions


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