What Will mobile apps Be Like in 100 Years?

mobile apps


Mobile apps is designed for smart phone,tablets, many application can be find out through different platform.All application are are coming in India 2008 which generated by owner of operating system.usually some apps are free but for some we need to pay.because all modern this time few thing which are free mostly you need to pay.In usually free apps are downloaded from android,smart phone,I pad.In market many new application is coming for phones.Mobile apps include messaging,Calendar,flash transfer,es file explorer.

Some mobile apps are available on all mobile phones like contact, messaging, but some apps are needed to be downloaded like games,opera mini,what’s app they need to be downloaded.some apps are available only in android,I paid.for example Whats app its not available in all phones it can be in android version apps.

I am using Micro max a35 its very good quality.In Micro-max A35 provide 2 mega pixel camera.it also provide front camera. Micromax touch very soft in use its very good version phone.Its  version is v3.0 and its 2.3.5 android version phone.it also support hot spot network.it gives Google play service it provide wi -fi connection all apps are coming in Micro max a35 I like very much.

In simply apps means application software.In 2010 its popular as word of year announced by American dilect society.mobile apps genuine offered Calendar, contact,on the demand of public it establish mobile games.In previous snake games are available in mobile phones but now new games are eye contact coming this time.Which like by peoples.the eye contact scanning game are coming this time.which like by mostly peoples this time demand of Mobile apps very much in the market.people wants latest apps because they like it

The number of mobile apps are coming this time recently Samsung, Micro-max, lava launch many new latest apps in the phone.Mobile apps are include Facebook,Whats app and browser application.People use this apps very much and like it.the memory space coming very much in latest phone for apps.Samsung provide very much space for download apps sin phone.

In modern generation all like to use latest apps and companies are develop latest application this time.The popularity of mobile apps increase continue day by day.The mobile apps are in phone are run on battery and powerful then personal system and its provide very capable feature then a personal computer.In mobile apps are including camera and map location finding apps which is not more provided in the personal computer.mobile not required lot of space for environment.the user is usually focus on the hardware and Software application.All the applications are user friendly.which good for the users.because this time we want fresh and user friendly application.in the market many new latest application is developed for user.

In coming time people wait for new application and companies work hard for it and try to develop and good fresh applications. This time Samsung develop any application for users and its very compete to others.


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