Why We Love fits and health tips (And You Should, Too!)

proProper diet-Eat properly in your diet if you want fit your health. Proper diet is the first steps of your fitness. You need to be taking a proper balanced diet in proper diet include vitamins, protein ,calcium .For protein Pulses are gives us protein. Take milk it will give calcium to the body. Proper balanced diet green vegetable, fruits all these are part of your fitness. Do not use oily things as use those who good for your health.

balance hExercise-Wake up daily in the morning, go for a daily walk . Because in the morning time air is fresh which is opens your muscles completely. Do some exercise with the help of exercise it glows your screen and if you daily exercise it always keep you healthy and free from diseases. It increases and develop your body fast.


Sleeping-just food and exercise cannot be keep you healthy. You need rest for some time to be sleeping 5-6- hour in a day . Because your mind is need of rest . Do you know your body development dependent on your diet,sleeping all your activity.



Do not use junk food-To keep you fit do not use marketing material ,because in you contain its very oily, which is not good for health . Away from fast and oily materials.


Take daily Bath-To fit also need to be clean your body,your body is like a temple so keep it clean.take daily bath and keep clean.

Keep your mind free-do not stress in your life.keep your mind fresh and stress. Always cool and happy Always happy-Be happy always and mind free, because when you are happy you are increasing your blood cells.so keep fresh your mind fresh and keep away from dirty air, it’s not good.

Morning walk-go for a daily morning walk.because in morning time air is fresh which frees your mind.In cold air you feel good and relax.


Do not take stress-do not take stress with any condition. TO keep you stress free do some activity daily. Keep your mind open and never hopeless with any condition .


Playing-food and rest not only keep you fit.do some extra.play game its increase your body fast.because when you play games your body muscles completely work.Do fun in your life.



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