Details on planets

A body that orbits a star, shines by reflecting the star’s light and is larger than an aster

Name of planets

1). Mercuryplanets

2). Venus

3). Earth

4). Mars

5). Jupiter

6). Saturn

7). Uranus

8). Neptune


Mercury is that the nearest satellite to the sun. Mercury was acknowledged since a minimum of Sumerian times roughly five, 000 years past, wherever it had been usually related to Semitic deity, the god of writing. Mercury was conjointly given separate names for its look as each a Day star and as a night star. Greek astronomers knew, however, that the 2 names said a similar body.



Venus is that the second satellite of the Sun. It is no natural satellite. It is named once the Roman immortal of affection and wonder. Venus could be a planet and is usually known as Earth is sister plane thanks to…

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