New updates in Pinterest


Pinterest  upgrade new privacy and policies in October, 19 October 2014 all up to dates on the site, when we use of a system give profile Intelligence, pins uploads now you can use it on a phone. We can upload profile and up to date in mobile. It can connect through  Facebook,  but it can connect services like Twitter.
You can access Intelligence  all through many  other services. You can connect  Facebook ,Twitter services  through this site.When we use internet, website data stored automatically now will get it on your data. When  work  on this site, we are pining  upgrade automatically now it  is the  same pattern in mobiles.
You can upgrade on the site  through  mobiles any time. Pinterest make your indication better it protect from other users. It suggested you pin which are interested like you like food,fashion ,art or many you can be seen it pins on the board.
You can share new improve on this site all time. If you are account, register you can invite your friends on this site through Facebook,Twitter.its aim only  is to make your indication better. You can upgrade profiles change any time.In this site  you share Intelligence can be publicly or secret board can be created.
If you register your account ,but you can not add informing in can go setting and add your information in the site and save the preview.On pinterest when you logged out pinterst account deactivated and delete all your pins .In pinterest you can your personal views.for example if you are interested in any hobby and art you can pin it on board and share it with many people.The knowledge share to Facebook and Twitter services.If third party  spam your information  you can complain use privacy policies. According to coming privicies rules under 13 year age child can not use pinterest.Pientest change policies time to time.
Pienterest company think about about new many changes.The Pinterest think about new article updates on health,travel many more topics.Its updates for I phones for quick pins automatically.Its new all updates are user friendly.After this updates need of efforts more and updates information quickly.On Tuesday announced new application on article from specific publication.They all  updates are very interested for pinterest and very useful for users who use pienterest.Its very interested new improve and trends.
It launched new mobile website  which completely fresh and new.its good for more useful pins.This time more usesage coming from mobile application but when ask for traffic its not respond.but new up to date for mobile then it traffiv gone up its says pienterst.In 2013 come users on pinterst from mobiles and android then pienterst improve new application for pienterst.The redesign and new changes will be very benefits for coming time.All new  updates designed by star engineering team.In 89 engineering team 11 are women’s.Its good credit for pinterest give chance for Women’s coming ahead.Pinterest more upgrade on mobile apps but not define in detail today.Company broadly coming new updates for users time to time.


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